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    • Robert - Reply

      The way health care inuarsnce run in this country is the root cause that drives up health care cost. Health care inuarsnces run fundamentally different from any other type of the inuarsnces it is not inuarsnce. Insurance should only cover catastrophic case, not any small bill. The only way to drive down health care cost is to let the patients pay health care providers directly for any bill except for catastrophic bills without the middleman sitting between patients and doctors. To make health care inuarsnce run similar to auto, home, or any other inuarsnce. The consumers can compare the costs from health care providers and make wise decision to select the right health care providers that fit their needs. This is the best solution that benefit all American no matter what party they are. Rate this comment: 0 0

  1. Arpita - Reply

    By :By :RE: I would agree that would help, but I think you need to take income into aconuct.Thus, perhaps a $20 co-pay would be okay for someone making under $25,000 a year (or for kids so that parents don’t delay taking them to the doctor), but someone making over $100,000 a year should probably have a $2,000 deductible, minimum.we don’t want people not going to the doctor because of a deductible.Exactly. That’s why it’s based on income. Can’t you understand anything at all?The problem with health care is too many people use it too much because it costs them little or nothing. That means that for other people it’s too expensive. If you have some sort of a sliding deductible and/or copay you wouldn’t have that problem.This really isn’t rocket science. Rate this comment: 0 0

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