Keap helps serious entrepreneurs get organized, follow up, and automate to create peace of mind, grow sales, and free up time.

Bobbi Jo Thuet, Owner of Light Align and Keap Customer

Bring order to your small business

My life before Keap was really unorganized. I’d get hundreds of texts, phone calls, and e-mails a day. With Keap I can set up reminders and tasks and link them to the contact… it’s been amazing.
Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, Co-owners of Tyler New Media and Keap Customers

Automate your sales and marketing

Keap has allowed us to operate like a huge business to our readers and customers while only being run primarily by my wife and me over the years. It has stabilized our income and allowed my wife Ronnie to leave her full time job to fully join the business which has had a major impact on our home life.

– Lamar Tyler

Rachel Carroll, Owner of The Neuromuscular Studio and Keap Customer

Organize all your info and automate your daily work

I was with MailChimp for quite a while and I felt like MailChimp was OK, getting my basic email lists started and organized and was functional, but I really didn’t have a way to organize things in MailChimp. I had to spend more time getting the things done that I needed to do and it wasn’t automated. A friend of mine used Keap and really, really liked it. I decided to try it for a little bit and I just felt like that was the next step as far as the automation and the marketing to help me a little bit. That’s how my journey started two years ago.